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Journal: August 19, 2009 – Dancing Alone

I watched Gus (Gustapoo Oakley) beside himself as his only neighbor dog, OZ, went whistling by our window, unhindered by a confarndit leash, with another dog. It took me hours to help him calm down. Gus and I are a lot alike. Any visit, via the yard, the mail, email or cell is a gift …

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Journal: August 15, 2009 – Foggy

Felt a little ‘foggy’ today. A friend had stopped by, and it was an effort to focus on him. I said “I’m sorry but I am seeing you from a distance. Can barely hear you.” Two hours later I was in the middle of something called “Distonia” facial and body spasms, not unlike a seisure …

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Journal: August 10, 2009 – Waiting, Wondering

Charlie just came and gave me communion. I haven’t had communion in months, but somehow, he knew. He is a young, dynamic priest in his 70s and he has elected to take me under his wing. He was the founding Editor-in-Chief of Faith Magazine, Lansing. I so needed that balm. The dr. said it will …

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Journal: August 9, 2009 – Words

Sunday, August 9, 2009: Was sitting by myself, and started to laugh out loud. My crazy speech patterns have been just that, crazy. I owe my existence to a stubborn, creative part of my brain that is helping her shrinking alter-ego. So while I don’t miss math and bill paying too much (oh that brings …

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Journal: July 17, 2009 – The Diagnosis

I sat before Dr. Bazoki, with Beth, and we conversed like over coffee. “Your mother has an amazingly brilliant mind,” she said. “It may have kept her alive to this point.” Our jaws slung low. “I believe it is Frontal Temporal Dementia – FTD/Picks.” and she said she would eat her hat, if it wasn’t. …

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