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I lost my way in the kitchen today

It began as mornings do: stretching and slow moving out of bed, ballet tiptoes at the dining room table, and then to take morning meds. Suddenly I was confused and went to my office – the burgundy couch with my new laptop waiting. I opened it as I usually do (with great reverence and respect) …

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About Vicki’s Voice

In July, 2009, I was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) – Picks disease. Looking back, there were symptoms, but no explanation for what I was experiencing. As happens with most of the estimated 250,000 people with FTD in the United States alone, the correct explanation and diagnosis didn’t come until the disease had been progressing …

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FTD not just bouquets

Today was a black day. I didn’t want to harvest on my FB farm, or cook in my virtual cafe. I didn’t do the exercises I desperately need to maintain my “buns o’steel”, and learn to walk better. Living with this disease is a quiet thing. I have days, like today, where I can’t move …

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Journal: August 19, 2009 – Dancing Alone

I watched Gus (Gustapoo Oakley) beside himself as his only neighbor dog, OZ, went whistling by our window, unhindered by a confarndit leash, with another dog. It took me hours to help him calm down. Gus and I are a lot alike. Any visit, via the yard, the mail, email or cell is a gift …

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Journal: August 15, 2009 – Foggy

Felt a little ‘foggy’ today. A friend had stopped by, and it was an effort to focus on him. I said “I’m sorry but I am seeing you from a distance. Can barely hear you.” Two hours later I was in the middle of something called “Distonia” facial and body spasms, not unlike a seisure …

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