Journal: August 9, 2009 – Words

Sunday, August 9, 2009: Was sitting by myself, and started to laugh out loud. My crazy speech patterns have been just that, crazy. I owe my existence to a stubborn, creative part of my brain that is helping her shrinking alter-ego. So while I don’t miss math and bill paying too much (oh that brings a big smile to my face) I appreciate the coping skills God has given me.

Once, Nick was driving and I saw a pedestrian dart out. Searching for the word, I blurted out “Hark! Hark! A pedestrain cometh! Do halt!” He said, “you mean ‘stop’?!” Yes, I had meant that but the simple words elude me.

Another time, totally lost in the city of Cincinnati, I called my personal GPS – Greg – and said I didn’t know where I was. “I have no directional plate,” I lamented. “Directional plate?” “Yes, you know a gazeteer.” “You mean a map?” and yes I did, but again it was gone. He then ‘rode with me’ on my cell phone many a time, getting me to my church clients, to my hotel.

Reading has become mystical, too. I was re-reading “The Shack” and suddenly the word hamburger was everywhere. Hamburger? I thought. What the hey? So I closed the book, did other things, came back and there it was again throughout the paragraph. A few days later, my daughters were cleaning out my fridge, and they found 4 or 5 stacks of hamburger, that I kept impulsively buying, to make stuffed cabbage with. So, now I know that whatever is on my mind inserts itself anywhere. To say “I need to plant my hamburger” means I have hamburger on my mind but was intent to plant my flowers. But knowing that gives me a clue of what I want to do, and now, like Nancy Drew, I will write down the clues. There may be yet another way to cope with this.

Have a good hamburger, and God bless!!

Love, Vicki

My gal pals gave me the lazy woman’s way to do stuffed cabbage. In a lasagne pan, layer cabbage, hamburger mixture, tomato sauce and repeat. It sounds so easy I may hamburger it today.

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