Hi, Fr. Charlie

About 9 years ago, Vicki introduced me to a most delightful person, Fr. Charles Irvin – better known as Fr. Charlie. Fr. Charlie is a priest of the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan, and celebrated the 50th anniversary of his priestly ordination several months ago. He not only served in Michigan parishes, but spearheaded a new form of diocesan communication – replacing the traditional Catholic newspaper with a high-quality magazine for the Diocese, sowing the seed for what is now Faith Catholic which offers communication resources to the Church throughout the United States.

I met Fr. Charlie after he had retired from full-time ministry. He is kind, witty, curious – and was born and lived in Ann Arbor,  Michigan, where I lived as a young ‘un. We are both graduates of the University of Michigan and love bragging about that with Vicki and her family who are diehard fans of intra-state rival Michigan State University in East Lansing. Most important to me, though, is that Fr. Charlie has regularly checked with Vicki over the last several years to see how she was doing handling her life with FTD.

Fr Charlie Irvin and Vicki Wells Bedars 2010

Fr. Charlie and Vicki at the 2010 Catholic Academy’s annual conference

Vicki has worked at Faith Catholic, and in 2010, at the Annual Meeting of the Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals, was escorted to the stage by Fr. Charlie when she received the President’s Medallion, the organization’s highest award, for her distinguished career in Catholic Communications.

Thanks, Vicki, for bringing Fr. Charlie into my life!

Last summer Faith Catholic produced a video of Fr. Charlie recalling a few highlights of his 50 years as a priest. I’m wrapping up this post by sharing the video.

God bless you, Fr. Charlie.


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Jim’s Tinkering with the Website

Drawing of MazeStatus Report – May 19, 2018:  The under-the-hood website changes are finished. Those “couple of days” I mentioned in my original post turned out to be just the start of a digital journey in the maze of the interwebs. But we’ve made it through. (And, we think, the weather has finally realized it’s Spring.) 

There’s at least one lesson in this for me: it’s OK to ask other people for help when something I though I knew just wasn’t working. I know that in my head, but I usually try to fix things myself. Once I asked for help, everything was indeed done in just 2 days.

I like helping other people and appreciate it when they ask (most of the time, to be honest). I’m sure other people feel the same way. So I hope to remember ask for help when I need it.

People and Computer Cables

computer wiresOriginal Post:  I’m doing some work behind the scenes here at Vicki’s Voice and our Internet connection may be interrupted or you’ll see a temporary site occasionally. I hope to have things all polished up and running smoothly again in a couple of days. Nothing to worry about.

Jim Coyle

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“I’m not a robot”

Vicki and I appreciate people taking time to share a comment with Vicki about her ongoing story told through posts here on Vicki’s Voice. One of the good things about the Internet is the ability to connect with friends, real and virtual.

I’ve been working “behind the screens” on websites today and have added the “ReCAPTCHA” box to the Comment form. Most of you have probably seen it on other websites already. It’s a way to help deal with spam comments, and we’ve had over 90,000 of them caught since Vicki’s Voice was started. Before you submit your comment you just have to check a box next to “I’m not a robot”.

Don’t get me wrong – I like robots. And I’m glad there are places where broken robots can be fixed, such as the Robot Repair Shop at the Pittsburgh Airport.
Robot Repair Shop PittsburghIn fact, remembering about the Robot Repair Shop is what led to this post. It brings a smile to my face – and I hope to yours.

Jim Coyle


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Another Spring!

We made it through another Michigan winter! Trees are going from bare to budding to new leaves. Snowblowers are hibernating while lawnmowers come back to life.

You can hear the sound of someone mowing their lawn:

Another Spring – and we’re still here. Thank you, Papa.



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Spoken from the Heart

It’s been almost 8 years since Vicki was diagnosed with FTD, although she experienced many of the symptoms for several years before her diagnosis. Late diagnosis, tragically, is common for persons who have this disease. Although I’ve seen FTD take an ever-greater toll in her life these past several years, she still has a strong concern for others. I’d like to share a post she wrote a few months ago on Facebook about her friend and neighbor Rick Ferguson:

My dear neighbor, Rick, has been through heart surgeries, then recently diagnosed with cancers. His suffering has been extreme. And for his family as well.

Tonight, as I turned on my porch light, which I do every night for him as a prayer, and a beacon for his wife as she comes home during the night from her vigil, I saw his 86 year old father supporting him into the house as he was sent home to prepare for his next phase… But I saw a virile father, carrying his son, strong unbroken.

Would you please turn on a light for him as he prepares for his journey? And say a prayer for God’s mercy for all of them?

I will let you know when the Angels have come… And the lights can be rested.

With love, gratitude and blessings, Vicki

Please share for all who are fighting a good fight.

Rick died a few weeks after Vicki posted this. It’s been a huge loss not only for Rick’s family, but for Vicki too. She’s often referred to Rick and his wife as Angels who watched over and protected her. Rick’s death – literally close to Vicki’s home – is one of many relatives and friends who have passed since Vicki has been down with FTD. And her first thoughts are with the families of those who have passed. 

Vicki’s heart and concern for others are as strong as ever. Thank you , Papa, for this gift.


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