Jim’s Tinkering with the Website

Drawing of MazeStatus Report – May 19, 2018:  The under-the-hood website changes are finished. Those “couple of days” I mentioned in my original post turned out to be just the start of a digital journey in the maze of the interwebs. But we’ve made it through. (And, we think, the weather has finally realized it’s Spring.) 

There’s at least one lesson in this for me: it’s OK to ask other people for help when something I though I knew just wasn’t working. I know that in my head, but I usually try to fix things myself. Once I asked for help, everything was indeed done in just 2 days.

I like helping other people and appreciate it when they ask (most of the time, to be honest). I’m sure other people feel the same way. So I hope to remember ask for help when I need it.

People and Computer Cables

computer wiresOriginal Post:  I’m doing some work behind the scenes here at Vicki’s Voice and our Internet connection may be interrupted or you’ll see a temporary site occasionally. I hope to have things all polished up and running smoothly again in a couple of days. Nothing to worry about.

Jim Coyle

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