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About 9 years ago, Vicki introduced me to a most delightful person, Fr. Charles Irvin – better known as Fr. Charlie. Fr. Charlie is a priest of the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan, and celebrated the 50th anniversary of his priestly ordination several months ago. He not only served in Michigan parishes, but spearheaded a new form of diocesan communication – replacing the traditional Catholic newspaper with a high-quality magazine for the Diocese, sowing the seed for what is now Faith Catholic which offers communication resources to the Church throughout the United States.

I met Fr. Charlie after he had retired from full-time ministry. He is kind, witty, curious – and was born and lived in Ann Arbor,  Michigan, where I lived as a young ‘un. We are both graduates of the University of Michigan and love bragging about that with Vicki and her family who are diehard fans of intra-state rival Michigan State University in East Lansing. Most important to me, though, is that Fr. Charlie has regularly checked with Vicki over the last several years to see how she was doing handling her life with FTD.

Fr Charlie Irvin and Vicki Wells Bedars 2010

Fr. Charlie and Vicki at the 2010 Catholic Academy’s annual conference

Vicki has worked at Faith Catholic, and in 2010, at the Annual Meeting of the Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals, was escorted to the stage by Fr. Charlie when she received the President’s Medallion, the organization’s highest award, for her distinguished career in Catholic Communications.

Thanks, Vicki, for bringing Fr. Charlie into my life!

Last summer Faith Catholic produced a video of Fr. Charlie recalling a few highlights of his 50 years as a priest. I’m wrapping up this post by sharing the video.

God bless you, Fr. Charlie.


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  1. Chaz, you mystify me. Over & over again. And of course, amaze me. I’ve missed you so very much.

    I’m getting to a point that next phase of my life, it’s time to look outside of my house to care for for myself. I will be moving to Villa Maria Senior Center, Grand Rapids, hopefully before Memorial Day weekend. Lots of sorting, before them.

    David has been extreemly understanding. My time has come to go to a community that understand s my slow demise but flings a finger of faith ??

    My turn Charlie to walk in your shoes. And I emulate you, for how to wear the garments of leaving our friends softly. To comfort family & friends as we step into our final dance with God. To dig down and find a laugh on the day our deaths clocks , always joyful, greateful for whatever the days greets us with.

  2. I love my Bonnie Purince Charlie❣️. I too am selected by God to live in a Senior center, theVillaMaria.com. Moving date 5/30/18. It’s beautiful. You should come live with me!! It’s beautiful. 2/10s of mile from Beth, 3/10ths to Andrea. A miracle.

    Brain is jelly, too tired. Keep in touch any way you can. Will keep you posted. Our lives are not over. Just getting used to the stir of God’s spoon, as he recreates us.

    Love you ?
    Vicki Wells Bedard

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