At Home

Vick's Front Porch - Summertime

It has always brought me peace, whether pulling in the driveway or sitting on my porch. My prayer was to never leave here. My last journey would lead from here.

I fought so hard to keep this home, but got ill, and slowly withdrew to within its 4 walls. David Rosenberg, dear friend, fought with me, and gave me 4 extra years here. Charles Irvin was my support when days weren’t good, giving me the example I will need to keep following in the time ahead. Jim Coyle, friend of friends and his family made sure Christmas arrived each year. Greg Friedman found time to put in a garden.

Vickis Home at Christmas

This week I will be moving to Grand Rapids to a Senior Retirement home, Villa Maria.

To my family – Beth, Andrea, Nick & Jessica, and Beanni Frizzlebottom – and friends including Dee Esch, Johnathan Allen Esch, Ruth Landis, Jean Louise, Rick Ferguson, St Jude Parish and Franciscan Center, thank you for watching over me all these years. To my Facebook friends, I will miss you all so much. You are my miracles.

All my love & blessings,
Vicki Wells Bedard

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