Information for FTD impaired and their caregivers

This came through our guestbook by our friend, Colette.

I think it is hugely important to note. Patient Advocates: BE LOUD about knowing all the risks of major surgeries. I can relate with her information. I believe my condition moved to the forefront because of the anasthesia and recovery.

I have FTD. I was diagnosed at 52 and will be turning 55 this July. My experience that cost us everything (bankruptcy) was that they had to keep hospitalizing me and surgeries and they kept giving me general anesthetic which is contra-indicated with dementia. i’d end up in a psych ward for weeks. all the insurance money went by fast. when i finally demanded a awake procedure; i did not end up at psych ward but i do have to take a lot of meds to keep me from going manic. i type and speak (obviusly); but my ability to spell well and be proper in grammer has gone down. my concern with what will people think has gone way down.



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Also, visit FTDTheOtherDementia. Our friend, Susan, has produced a documentary on exposing this secret killer of people as young as their 30s and into their 60s. This is not about Alzheimers, but something unknown, striking people in their prime. No cure, no treatment, no funding, no studies. You can also donate to the project there. Please help.

Love, Vicki

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