Cartoons that I wish I could get Gary Larson to do for us


Picture us, in our bunny suits, on the Commons, with a special invitation by the mayor to kick off the Easter Egg Hunt.

Picture “- – -” symbolizing our routes, like in “Family Circus” by Bill Keane.

Picture us: End of day lining up for the judges, showing what we had collected.

The picture: lines of FTD bunnies, opening their baskets to claim their prizes, with a background of hundreds of un-collected eggs in plain sight.

The first FTD bunny proudly opens their basket: 3 sets of car keys, 1 egg – half eaten, cigarette butts, flowers, 5 business cards, a purse, and someone’s leftover McDonald’s Egg McMuffin. The judge looks to his panel and says, “In hindsight, inviting those with FTD to oversee the Easter Egg Hunt may have been an error.”


Laughter is the best medicine, always. When we go into our chats each week FTDSupportForum. Free to speak about anything, right up to our dying, or loss of bowel or bladder control. With our ‘FTD family’ we can reveal everything without being judged, or taken from our homes by well meaning people who care for us. We console, encourage and accept one another just as we are that day.

I have to emphasize that day. FTD is a ‘hit and run’ condition. One day you can’t walk correctly, the next you can walk, but can’t speak; or you cook for your family one day then not eat at all for days. There are no peaks or valleys. There is our distinct ‘manic’ and normal is a flat line, we cry over an ant we stepped on, then turn on our family and lash out.

There is no set blueprint for this nasty thing. So every day, 24/7, we are on alert for who we will be in the next moment. Planning ahead for something might include: Depends, many Rx’s, many sets of pants, notebooks, Kleenex. Walkers or canes? Wheelchair or Little Rascal? Pay bills or go bankrupt? Sleep or insomnia? Recognizing you or asking for the 100th time: “Hi, I’m Vicki. Do I know you?”

Easter is the perfect season for us. Death and resurrection, followed by a new life. Only our Lent and Easter season plays 365/24/7. So in my heart of hearts I know we will be in heaven … but we’d like someone else to drive. Oh look! I found an easter egg or something (rolling it around in my hand, looking dubiously.)

Love, Vicki

Vicki Bunny sm

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    • Jim Coyle on April 4, 2010 at 12:03 pm
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    Vicki, your Gary Larson/Bill Keane cartoon idea is a great image of living with FTD. Humor is indeed good medicine! And this has great potential to help communicate about FTD to others.

    I’m glad you and other persons with FTD have a place to share about your lives. The FTDSupportForum lets you chat, even though you live in different states – and countries. What a blessing for everyone.

    • colette hankins on April 4, 2010 at 12:13 pm
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    roflmao…………. thank you dear Vicki.. rugged day here on the plains. i needed that laugh.. hugs…. colette

    • Jim Coyle on April 4, 2010 at 3:36 pm
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    Thanks for sharing your response, Colette. Great! Praying for you this Easter day.

  1. Nearly broke me mentally at one stage, but I’ve come through and have gained a lot of strength.

  1. Cartoons that I wish I could get Gary Larson to do for us #dementia

  2. RT @VickisVoiceTV: Cartoons that I wish I could get Gary Larson to do for us #dementia

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