After the Farmers Market

Wednesday, August 12, 2009: I am tired beyond belief, and basically my Grands took care of it all. They made the bouquets, they toted and fetched and put up my ‘booth’. It was warm and they said “Mim, just stay home for awhile.”

Then my son, Nick, showed up with his girlfriend, Jessica. And we visited each booth, buying something from all of them, which I hope I will remember to cook. Great sweet corn (13 – the wonderful Baker’s Dozen!! Like from my childhood with Bill X at the IGA – the Black and White market.)

My brain won’t let go of stuffed cabbages, which wears me down. I love to eat. I love to cook, but it is so much harder now. That I pulled off 2 dinners for Ron and Stu and Beth is nothing short of a miracle. Of course, I had to be in bed 2 days to pay for it.

So many things were so easy. Cooking, baking, speeches, manning booths across the country. And now I look at the 3M tiny notes on my mirror. Brush teeth. It moves to the middle mirror after I have done that. Take Shower moves back to the top of the leftmost mirror. Take pills moves from 1 to 2 to 3 and back to 1 for the end of the day.

The most productive thing I do now is moving the notes on the mirror each day. And I was one to level mountains, cross oceans, thriving on challenges and … succeeding. Today, Lord, it is enough to get out of bed, log in to Face Book, plow a virtual farm or two. Not what I thought I would be doing, but – loving you – I know this is important for some reason.

Losing my job. Being hospitalized. Going bankrupt. There is a reason that I don’t know, I am sure. But I embrace and accept the dance of these last days.

Thank you, God, for asking me to dance with you. You are the best. And I will follow you, I promise.

Love, Vicki

He bought sand candy straws for 3 lucky young ladies. And for this old lucky lady, I just smiled, proud of him.

Neighbors - the Kale lady, brought me free bundles each week.

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