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Film/Video, Audio and Multimedia Programs about Dementia

Planning for Hope – Trailer for documentary film about Frontotemporal Dementia and its impact on people. It made its debut May 14, 2010 and has been shown in several professional settings. Beginning in April, 2011, Planning for Hope: Living with Frontotemporal Disease has been shown over 210 times on U.S. Public Television channels in 53 television markets in more than 24 states. These broadcasts reach 32,656,170 households.

Planning for Hope: Living with Frontotemporal Disease trailer

Join the cause! Starting in June, 2012, we want to get 5000 more people to watch this video and know the early signs of FTD (frontotemporal dementia) because early detection matters! Find out if you or a loved one are at risk for frontotemporal disease, a dementia that hits people in their 40s and 50s — and sometimes earlier. We hope you’ll get involved and spread awareness by asking your friends to watch this video. Early detection matters. Know the early signs of FTD. Follow this link to to learn more. The only cost is your time, and the results can be life-changing. – More information at the documentary’s website

Online Radio Program: Frontotemporal Dementia: The Other Dementia – November 22, 2009

Frontotemporal Dementia is often lost in the shadow of Alzheimer’s disease but afflicts over 250,000 patients a year. Many times, the diagnosis take years as patients and caregivers struggle to find physicians and advocacy groups that can provide information about an astounding manifestation of symptoms. Joining Kelley Connors, MPH, Real Women on Health! radio show host, are Dr. Bradley Boeve, Chief of Behavioral Neurology at Mayo Clinic with Sharon Denny, Program Director for the Association for Frontotemporal Dementias. The 60-min show highlights a soon-to-be-released documentary film called “Planning for Hope” about FTD and include the real-life experiences from the film’s creators, Susan Grant and Cindy Dilks, as well as the perspective of Sheila Bourgeault, whose husband died in early 2009 from FTD.

Podcast: Leaders in Elder Care – Dr. Richard Taylor on Alzheimer’s – The Farthest Thing From the Long Goodbye. In this 45-minute podcast, Leaders in Eldercare host Ryan Malone talks with Dr. Richard Taylor, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s-type dementia in 2001, who is one of the leading advocates for persons with dementia. Malone writes “I also consider it a ‘must list’ for people who have yet to spend much time with people affected dementia. Enjoy!” This recording is of interest for persons affected by dementia of any type.

[audio: RichardTaylor-AlzheimersFromTheInsideOut.mp3]

Inside Eldercare website.

Frontotemporal Dementia: Walking the Path – Trailer for Film by Hollywood 27 Productions

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