Today is a bad day. Tomorrow will be good

I will never understand how the brain works. Or, in my case doesn’t.

I still have the intelligence to know how things should be. But I have no control over how to perform the actions to make life normal..

Yesterday was a ‘good day’.

What does that mean to someone with FTD? I had no dystonic seizures (uncontrollable movements, grimacing). It was a rainy day. That meant I slept well and later, had a good nap with no dreams.

A good day begins with “Good morning Papa, Beanni” and ends with a thank you at night.

A good day means I can make something to eat that takes more than 2 minutes. With the help of Uncle Ben’s microwavable rice, a friend who brought me asparagus and Schwan’s Italian beef, I made a dinner.

A good day means, when I check my texts they are all current, and family and friends haven’t been waiting for days for a response.

A good day is laughing, venturing onto my porch, picking up my dirty dishes or laundry. That’s a good day.

Today isn’t. But with the grace of God, tomorrow will be. A good day.

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    • judy on June 18, 2014 at 8:03 pm
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    bless you 4 all of those with brain dysfunction.

    1. You are dear to me. And all those who lose a little brain every day. I try to remember who I was, and it was too long ago. All I know is my very simple me, who looks for sunshine in the morning, and if its not there, to go back to sleep.

      I try to remember how to take care of my house, but I can’t. The mess reflects my mind. It gets frustrating. Because I remember better days.

      I love you, Judy, who loves Tim Horton’s and me. xxoo, Vicki

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