From Counting to Prayer

I count things. How many touches on my iPad. How many items I am harvesting on FarmVille 2. How many houses are ready for collection in Megapolis. I just keep counting.

At first I thought it was my way to keep my brain doing simple math. Like, there is a need for 15 bags of feed for the cows on Hay Day. I have 13. I need 2 more.

And I was/am irritated that each time my fingers touch a screen I get sucked into this counting mantra.

I know, somehow, it’s my disease. But that is little comfort as the ritual keeps expanding.

So, Papa, please take each unnecessary keystroke as a prayer for Jim T, Susan & Cindy, Greg & Jim, Sue & Jim, the kids & the grands, LeRoy, Lynn & Randy, Elizabeth & Patrick, Charlie & David, and all my friends, both real & virtual. Let not a digit be wasted. And may my racing brain find rest in you. Whom I love most. Love, Vicki

Finger Tapping

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    If those. Are. Your. Hands your nails are awesome

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