Forbes: ‘It’s Not Me, It’s The Disease’: Making Sense Of A Brain Disorder

Vicki and I recently read an excellent article about one man’s signs and symptoms of FTD – and the need to keep pushing for an accurate diagnosis. Brandt Henderson was 58 years old when the article was written last year. He shares how he’s experiencing FTD and what it means for his family.

The Hendersons

The Hendersons

Brandt’s early signs included apathy and disinhibition. In addition, the article says:

Brandt was also having trouble holding it together in daily life, finding it increasingly difficult to complete basic tasks at home or at work. “I would look back on a week of few accomplishments and vow to do better on Monday, or after vacation, or… But I could not recapture control of my quotidian duties or enthusiasm. It took two years of my insistence plus testing to get an accurate diagnosis.

This article is one of a series about people with FTD, and well worth reading. You’ll find the article online at the Forbes website.

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