Michelle B shares beautiful thoughts in her response…

I want to share beautiful thoughts from my FB friend, Michelle. This her response to my posting in April, 2012. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with my ‘me-ness’ I forget to look up and see the wonderful people who care for me. Thank you, Missy Michelle. xo, V

My dear sweet Vicki! Your words meant so much to me about looking out the window and being unable to do what you want to do. My dad went through the same thing. He would sit at the windows for hours just watching the birds and the trees getting leaves as he always planted a flower garden and a vegetable garden.

He would talk (when he still could) about the old days when we all (my brother, mother and I) would be outside while he tilled the garden and then we all helped plant. Spring is definitely the renewal time, when browns turn back to brilliant greens and flowers start slowly poking awake. enjoy looking at your window and watching all that is resurfacing.

If I knew where you lived, I’d be so happy to come plant some flowers for you. Michigan isn’t that far from Indiana. Papa is so happy to provide us with wonderful sights and scenes and flowers and trees that I know He’s particularly happy that you’ve been enjoying watching the activities. You are such an amazing woman. One I have learned so much from and will continue to learn from.

Bless you, for you have provided such renewed faith in me that was lost when I lost my father. Oh, and I’m serious, I’d love to come plant a flower garden for you.

Love you bunches,
Michelle B

You are really, truly serious, Sista? I live in DeWitt MI 48820 and we should set up a date. Leave me a message on FB and will give you directions to find me. I love your sense of humour, your questions, your concern for me (go figger). ;o)

Might have to take you to Scoopy Do’s, for Vanilla Frosting ice cream or whatever. Thank you … V


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