Journal 8-8-2010

Today is Sunday.

I thought it was Monday. I believed it so much I believed the date/time stamp was messed up on my laptop. So much so that I rebooted my satellite dish, downloaded new programming and it was only when the tech said, laughingly, “It’s Sunday, Ms Bedderd. Nothing is broken. Happens to us all.”

But I still hope it’s Monday. I’m still somewhat confused how I lost a day in my brain, so thoroughly that I would have argued with her, but the evidence supported her theory that it is Sunday.

Yesterday, browsing over my FB Newsfeed, a name of person caught my eye. One of those charismatic religious leaders. It was a link posted by a generous, devoted Catholic. And I blew up, and wrote a wretched note about the whole thing. And something hit me. I wrote her, removed my inappropriate remarks, she in turn removed her defense. And then she wrote me a note, forgiving me.

So, although in my heart it’s Monday, I will accept it is Sunday. The Lord’s day. Let us be glad and rejoice…

Papa, are you there?? It’s me, Vicki


Photo by Bruce Bane.

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    • Judy Ferguson on August 8, 2010 at 12:56 pm
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    Strange how our minds play tricks on us! I woke up this morning thinking I was still in the hotel in London (it was two days ago that I was there) and I had to get up and get ready to leave, and where had I put the key to the door? When I opened my eyes I knew I was home, thank goodness!

    I have also had the experience of thinking it was a day that it wasn’t but I trust that my laptop has it right. I figure that if it doesn’t, at least we’ll be in agreement! And I chalk it up to information overload!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ Judy

    1. Judy, thanks for the sweet note… This is the first time I went beyond ‘what day is it?’ to agressively denying it, to the point of resetting my date/time stamp. But it’s reset, my brain is trying comprehend that it is true. Jim says “what good luck, you get 2 Mondays this week!” Lord knows if I were in in my right mind, the LAST thing I would do is add 2 Mondays!! LOL. Next time, I’ll add 2 Saturdays. I like Saturdays.

      And yes, when I traveled all the time, I never knew where I was when I woke up and I said “Vic, after 15 years, you need to just settle!” And I have.

      Come back soon.

      <3 <3 <3 +++ Vic

        • Jim Coyle on August 9, 2010 at 5:54 pm

        Adding Saturdays – if you’re going to add any days – makes a lot more sense than Mondays. I like Saturdays too.


  1. Today is Sunday. I thought it was Monday. I hope it really is Monday. New post at #dementia #ftd

  2. RT @VickisVoiceTV: Today is Sunday. I thought it was Monday. I hope it really is Monday. New post at #dementia #ftd

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