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Back in February I added a “Jim’s Blog” page to Vicki’s Voice initially to answer some questions people had about setting up a blog. I didn’t want to interrupt the flow of Vicki’s story and writing with general computer talk, so I added the separate page. If you read Jim’s Blog, you’ll see that my new posts have been relatively infrequent, but have included thoughts and links not related to computers but connected to dementia-related material I’ve come across.

Sure I can remember how I set this up in February. Just give me a minute...How about a few more minutes?

A couple of days ago I received an e-mail from another WordPress blogger (WordPress is the software we use for our sites) asking how I set up this second blog page on Vicki’s Voice since he’d also like to write and publish posts about a different topic and nature than his main one. So here I am trying to remember what I did on this site way back in February (when it was cold and snowy).

“Jim’s Blog” is not exactly a separate blog, but rather a “Page” which shows any post I add to Vicki’s Voice for which I select the “Jim’s Blog” Category when I write the post. Right now, Vicki and I choose from about 5 different Categories we’ve set up.

Setting up the Jim’s Blog Page was relatively straightforward. After logging in to the blog on WordPress, on the Dashboard I selected Pages > Add New. After giving the page a Title, looked at “Page Attributes” on the right hand column and kept (no parent) as the Parent option. I Published the new page and it appeared on the top navigation bar of Vicki’s Voice.

OK. This is as far as I can go now. What I haven’t been able to find is how I set this up the Jim’s Blog Category to post on the “Jim’s Blog” page instead of the main blog. I’ll keep looking and add to this post when I find out, or when someone posts a solution in the Comments to this post. And of course there are likely to be more elegant solutions people are using. We’ll see what response we get.


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  1. you do pretty good work there, Doc~

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