Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep…


Before I fall asleep, after I say good night to Papa, Sofia and Jesse and pray for my friends and family, as I have throughout the day, I sometimes pause and wonder…

what or who will I be when I wake up? Was today my last good day or will I be healed, or at least halted in my deterioration? My studies show it could happen gradually, or truly overnight.

So, as I grab my ‘glow in the dark rosary’, if this night goes on forever know this:

I love you all more than I ever thought I could. I am the luckiest person I know to have so much love surround me every day. And should I not remember what has transpired today, I will remember you in my heart for the rest of my days on earth and as I go to my best home ever.

I love you. We fight a good fight. We are never alone…

xo, Vicki

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