Summer Thanksgiving


Good morning, Papa, Sofia, and Jesse. Just want to take a moment as I wipe the sand from my sleepy eyes to thank you for the sweet birdsong alarm clock and your gentle touch in the breeze from my open window. Through the lace of my curtains I can see your sun rise (pun intended, grin). Stretching is my first prayer to you, and with every thought, movement, emotion we’ll stay connected in our prayer chat.

Not knowing what the day will bring I lift up to you my thoughts, actions, joys & sadness, laughter & tears, curiosity and stillness, naps and activity, facebook and twitterers, and most of all my family and extended family. Protect them, cuddle us in the palm of your hand, smile upon us and delight in us. Tonight, gather us onto your lap for a gentle bedtime story, tuck us in knowing you are snugged in with us, covering us up, being our nightlite.

Let my actions remind people of Dorothy Day, Erma Bombeck, Mom & Dad, and most of all may they see you in me.

I pray for the intentions in my heart, to not be discouraged by not working, being disabled, but be grateful that my family will always feed me and house me, which is so much more than others have today. I pray for peace, to serve justly, and to walk humbly with you, my God.

Thank you for my faith, values, family and friends. I look forward to seeing you throughout the day in them.

Gotta eat now, but you know where I am, which is more than I can say somedays.


Is there anything more wonderful to wake up with the sun rising? Whether up all night trying to sleep, ruffling through bills & shut off notices, or taking care of collicky babies, or looking at the face of the person next to you, surviving the night into light is life resurrection.

Living room morning light. Just want to run out and give God a hug on days like today.

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