My Daughter Moved Out Today

I remember when she was 20 and so excited to get her degree and a tiny apartment.

As I moved thru the years, she especially loved my Ridgeway house (800 sf) and how she mourned not having something like that. How I was so lucky. But once my son came home, the 1 bedroom with the Michigan cellar was soon to small. I found an amazing condo, but she referred to the little house on Ridgeway often.

Today she finally made the move to an apartment that encloses her and her dreams. And accommodates the 2 single sons that she still cares for.

Today is her day, 22 years later. The dream she had. The life she had promised to, and broke.

Her empty nest will give her some pains, as I recall. But I see that her life has taken her back to 21 with goals and dreams that she voluntarily set aside because her amazing sense of commitment. And the marriage that would follow and give her 3 fine sons.

Beth, this time is for you. Roll in it like Jack in the lawn. Your dreams, some fulfilled and some suppressed, are coming true. I am proud of your patience.

And how, somehow, you fit me in thru your marriage, divorce and seeing 3 gentlemen into universities and now an engagement.

THIS TIME IS FOR YOU, Bep! You have waited a long, long time. And embrace your new home.

And while I am like a ‘bobber’ in the river, I will do all I can to befriend you and not take life away from you.

I am proud of you, 21 year old Bep. Stepping out on your own.

All my love … and Papa, keep her under your wing, even as she begins to take flight. She’s good stuff!!

<3 Papa & Beppy & Jack Frost. Madre/Vicki

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    • freda on September 5, 2012 at 8:22 am
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    To Vicki’s daughter and family …. enjoy your new home, wishing you much happiness there.

  1. Vicky, this post has helped me so much! It’s helped me look at the new beginning my daughter Lizzy is making, after finishing her university classes and moving to a new city and a new future – her future. As a parent I’m so proud of her. Although the obstacles were different than Beth’s, they were unexpected – and Lizzy made hard decisions and persevered through challenging times since she started college down South several years ago. When she decided to move home to finish college, she came home a wonderful, mature young woman. She has been such a delight to have home with us again the past couple of years.

    It’s been just over two weeks since Lizzy moved and I still miss her so much. Your post about Beth lifted me up to see the parental pride I feel and great hope I have for Lizzy’s future. I know you love all your children, and I love all of mine. Papa has indeed blessed us so very, very much.

    Thank you for your post!

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