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Vicki and I have recently been reading a blog by Howard Glick, a New Yorker who was diagnosed with FTD in 2010 and started blogging about his life with FTD in the summer of 2011. Like Vicki – and many others – after several years and incorrect diagnoses, Howard was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Degeneration in the midst of a successful career and his life has been turned upside down. But as you can see from his blog, Howard is actively working to help more people learn about FTD and its effects.

I’m in a constant battle each moment of the day trying to manage the symptoms. Where I’m somewhat successful, FTD rears it’s ugly head every day with me always having to talk myself out of complicated situations. FTD is progressing and my mind is slowly liquifying. It’s apparent to all that know me well that my life is slipping away, but I’ll continue to film and live.

I still date, party and continually grasp to have a life which is quickly disappearing.

Life goes on and I have a life. Not one of my choosing, but I’m making the most of it and I’m extremely proud of my accomplishments.

We encourage you to visit Howard’s blog, FTD/Dementia Support Group, and read his story as it unfolds, starting with the first posts in July, 2011.

In late 2011, Howard started working with talented filmmakers to produce a film that shows the effects he’s experiencing as his FTD progresses. The purpose of the film, Howard’s Brain, is to enlighten the viewer about the real personal impact of FTD. We anticipate this film becoming a valuable addition to the resources available to increase awareness of FTD and its significant impact on patients and their loved ones. Footage has been shot, but funds are needed to complete the project.

Whether or not you’re thinking of supporting this project, we hope you’ll visit the website below to “meet” Howard by seeing a trailer for the film. He’s candid in expressing this thoughts, and sometimes speaks inappropriately because he’s not always in control. We appreciate the work Howard is doing to increase awareness of FTD and to help people who are affected by this terminal disease.

Jim Coyle

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  1. Dear Vicki

    I am so very soory that you hurt…I know your pain! I could have been the person writing your decripions of the ftd….I have been praying for someone to understand….

    Please contact me…

    Deborah K Hard

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