…and a Day in the Life of VWB

Two days after Thanksgiving: Recovered from the 8 hr kitchen foray and the overeating and the fact the sun was shining and it was warm enuf to go without a jacket I thought it time to start the Christmas season @ home. I thought, without too much trouble I could string the garland.

Now. To find the garland. Upstairs by the blue box, I’m thinking. After literally crawling around in dark spaces, I proceeded back downstairs. 2 hrs have gone by. Nada.

I give up and decide to put up my window candles, which should be easy because I leave them up all year. Aha! batteries… where the heck do I keep them? After cleaning up all the junk drawers, I decide to just go sit on the porch.

I look down at my feet and ‘voila’!! A green cord at my feet! I pull and – sure enuf – I look into my shrubs and there’s the garland. Carrying Beanni in one arm, I suffer through hanging it. Plug it in. Dead. And so it goes.

Good news, after Beanni living here 11 mos he has (knock on wood) done his ‘business’ on the training pads all day!!

Hope your house is a bit saner, but no matter what, livin’ is good.


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    • freda on December 9, 2011 at 12:16 pm
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    Good one Vicki and Beannie!
    Have a really happy Christmas and blessings in the New Year.

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