Communion of all my saints

To remember all those 'every day' and those canonized. Blessings on All Saints day to you all.

Papa, you’ve given us a beautiful day to remember the saints / Saints who have walked and lived among us. The ‘gathering of saints’ brings to mind the many saints who have been influential in my life.

I think readers will be surprised that along with St. Rita (impossible dreams), St. Francis & Mother Teresa (peace), St. Dymphna & St. Jude (mental illness), Kateri Tekakwitha (Native Americans), Blessed Andre (the marginalized), Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Jesus (strong women) and St. Thomas (God bless the doubters), and a number of others the saints I refer to are those that have literally been in my life.

People of generosity, good humor, great laughter, empathic, healthy skepticism, and strong faith are my models. The people I have come to know who share my FTD, new friends and saints. The staff who cared for my son, Peter, for nearly 6 years. Erma Bombeck. Dorothy Day (and maybe Doris, too ;o) My dad and mom. My funny, little grandma, Mimi. People I’ve worked with or admired. John F Kennedy. Great priest & religious friends…

It would be a very long list of people you don’t know. Including some I long ago forgot about, but in some way – maybe not even knowing it – they provided me with nourishment, laughter, handed me hankies for the tears or cried with me. Were friendly as I checked out of store.

Given the last year of thoughts and prayers I have met even more through my neighbors and my parish.

And while anyone who knew my family might raise an eyebrow, when I include my children and my grands. Who bring me delight, worry about me, assist me in a myriad of acts. Even when we disagree.

Being ‘in communion’ with all these saints is affirming that good still exists despite the evil – even the diluted version of bad luck – that is everywhere I go. These saints, both living and dead, are my community that have nurtured me, forming me throughout my life.

With Papa’s loving guidance, I will join them in the very best place. And – Papa, please cover your ears – we will PAAAARTAY for all of eternity!!! What a Kingdom to begin creating right now, eh?

May all the saints in your lives be celebrated, and remember that we all got the same invitation. And may they be my voice to God as I work, sleep and pray.

Mom & Dad, are you listening? It’s me. Vicki

Another of my favorites who I have tried to emulate since a child: St. Therese of Lisieux (sp?) Sorry, Little Flower, no spell check. I have to believe this spiritually strong young woman, must have been overwhelmed with all the holy people who were in her life. And I'm glad of that, for she set the example of turning over each night and day to God, making everyday a prayer, every irritation an occasion to boost up her prayers a notch.

My giggling saints.

Handsome men, elegant lady and all mine!

Because I'm King, that's why! - Maybe that will be on his epitaph... LOL

Proof that we are more than just ordinary people. I like to think the shadows are God's way of reminding us how big our souls are, don't you?

Saint? or Angel? or just our Chloe ... ♥

What an amazing life to have lived with Mom & Dad, the local I Love Lucy story.

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    • Jim Coyle on November 1, 2010 at 8:18 pm
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    Vicki, thank you for sharing about not only “official” saints that are part of your life, but also saints that you’ve known during your life – all part of the Communion of Saints, and all part of Papa’s love and care for you. Wonderful!

    And thanks for reminding me to celebrate the saints in my life.

    1. Thanks for sticking by me, and cleaning up all the mess as I type a few words. You know you are on my list, right?? ;o)

        • Jim Coyle on November 29, 2010 at 11:41 am

        Yup, and I feel lucky to be on the list. ;o)

  1. Communion of all my saints: new memories on Vicki's Voice #family #saints #dementia

  2. Communion of all my saints: new memories on Vicki's Voice #family #saints #dementia

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