I think you believe I hold some amazing gift that tells & leads me thru each day. I don’t. I have days wrapped like a coccoon. And days I can’t shut up.

But, following my 1 year anniversary of diagnosis, leaving with the advice of “get hold of hospice and find a home” … well (sticking out tongue) I am still here.

Getting new photos of the brain this week, and tests to see how amazing I am at riddles. Which means…

I would love your prayers. And that’s it.

Love, Vicki (kicking Papa)

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    • Judy Ferguson on July 26, 2010 at 11:07 pm
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    You have my prayers – first thing in the morning in my first prayers, during the day, when I see your name in FB…
    You are my sister in Christ – same Papa, same Mom (I remember when I first became a Catholic – is it only 4 years ago? – and Jerry talked about Mom Mary and I didn’t get it at first!).

    Sleep well, pleasant dreams!

    1. I will, Jude, because you have blessed me. How fortunate am I to have found you. You make me laugh, when I want to cry. You may be a Saint for our times. In any case, in MY time. xxoo, +++ Vicki

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