It’s Nice to Know We are Traveling Together


Last week, I had an opportunity to be interviewed via phone by a psychologist about FTD/Picks. I thought I’d share how I reacted to our well-known standard questions that begin ALL our doctor visits.

What is your name? Where do you live? What is the date?

Answer: I know it must be March, right?

Day of the week?

Answer: Can we make it Saturday? I like Saturdays.

Last question: Who is the president of the United States?

Answer: Proudly I answered “Obama!” but before she could continue, I shouted, “Ben Lauden!!” ;o(


The kicker is, I was all puffed up about the president question, because a) he’s got a hard name to handle anyway and b) I was gonna impress her. To boot as often happens, when I’m speaking I suddenly get loud. Like I’m hard of hearing or something. When she started giggling I asked her what I’d said. Took a couple of mental rewinds and I was laughing too.

Lord, I want you to remember I don’t need much more humility, just in case I accidentally – as an enthusiastic youth – prayed for such things. As for other virtues, my mother always said: “For goodness sake! NEVER pray for patience.” When I had my first child I realized how true her words were. Lord, help us all.

obama-caricature’Obama%20%E0%20Philadelphie.html Thank you for the use of the link.

Hugs to you all … Vicki

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