Having a Senior Moment … darn

Was watching “Sleepless in Seattle” (sniff, sniff) and went for a bottle of soda from the fridge. Have one of those handy magnetic bottle/can openers.

Poured what I wanted, turned to the fridge, put the magnet in the fridge, and as I watched (like an out of body experience) I placed the soda on the side of the fridge … My inner voice said “oooooohhhh nooooo” but my brain said “hey cool. I didn’t know you could stick soda on the outside of the fridge.”

Just a little thing can set me off. Does that happen to you? On the other hand, being an old woman I can blame it on my age, and deny it may be getting assistance from the gremlin called FTD.

Note to self: Next life FTD will ONLY mean TeleFlora Delivery.

Love, Vicki


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    • Ron Hanson on March 25, 2010 at 10:50 pm
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    Well done. It’s important you keep these posts going. Makes me appreciate your travails.

    1. Fore-arm pressed againts forehead, head tilted back, ringlets tangled by the storm, she bats her eyelashes as the oncoming light looms large. The ropes, as thick as snakes, bind her to the rails, now vibrating with the heat of the oncoming, unknowing train. Is there no one, no one, who will reach her in time???? She swoons, hair still marvelous, her lips full and CUT! Ah yes, no can can do travails like a Catholic girl. ;o)

  1. I do that stuff all the time. I am always trying to find my phone while I am talking on it. How weird is that.

    1. Karen, I adore you!! Still laughing at the image. And it only gets better…

      Have a great Easter, and good luck finding all the eggs.

      Love, Vicki

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