February 5, 2010


Well, it’s Friday, and I have finally got enough energy in my brain and body bucket to say “I’m having a good day!”. Are you sitting down?

1) Unloaded the dishwasher from 5 days ago

2) Loaded the dishwasher

3) Cleared off the counter tops (whew!!)

4) Took Christmas decorations down on Cafe World (Facebook)

5) Chatted with a lovely daughter of a Mum who is in final stages of FTD/Picks (her support page is: http://www.facebook.com/vickiwb?ref=profile#!/pages/Frontal-Lobe-Dementia/107954475086?ref=mf Frontal Lobe Dementia, please visit)

Her own courage is amazing, a strong young woman who majored in athletics and thru an injury, underwent amputation. Is heading back to university and will be trying out for wheelchair basket ball.

Now, to feed myself, take that darned shower and maybe, just maybe, try to pick up a few groceries. Or not. ;o)

xo, Vicki

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    • Jim Coyle on February 5, 2010 at 6:27 pm
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    It’s good to read about your day and what you accomplished. It does sound like a good day. And thanks for your other new posts here letting us know how you’re doing.

  1. no, no … thank YOU for making it all possible and being a co-producer in this endeavor. Can’t wait for the book tour, can you? ;o)

  2. We’re quite a team! And I can’t wait to read the book.

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