This is Jim writing (I don’t want you to blame Vicki). I love to drive! Growing up in metro Detroit I was immersed in the auto industry – Detroit was the Motor City. I’m not a “car guy” who can fix things under the hood, but I am a “driving guy” who has changed my oil and tires from time to time.

The car

It’s been an unusual summer for me because of two emergency eye operations I’ve needed in June and August. Since I’m still in recovery, I haven’t been able to drive – and it’s driving me crazy! My biggest disappointment is not being able to drive the few hours to Vicki’s for a visit. We stay in “touch” via text and occasional phone calls, but it’s not the same.

I lightheartedly titled this post Parallels because Vicki and I are having similar experiences, one of them being eye surgeries. The timing’s a bit off – I’ve (hopefully) finished mine and Vicki’s should be happening any time now.

A second similarity is that my car battery has died a couple of times since I haven’t been driving. It’s a minor inconvenience except when someone needs to borrow the car. Vicki’s car battery troubles must have found me.

Please keep Vicki, her family & friends, and her health care providers in your prayers. Join me praying that her medical procedures and recovery go well.


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    • Frederick Brigham on September 21, 2016 at 2:33 pm
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    Thank you Jim. I am pleased that your eye surgery was succssful and I will pray that Vickie;s will go well too . She and her family are in my prayers every day. I do wish that I might speak with you and with Andrea, Beth or Nick if you have their contact information, Jim. My phone number is 978-491-9533 and my emial Vickie and I worked together on a number of projects related to educational technology and video production when i was an Executive with the Institute for Interuniversity Cooperative Research and then with its parent organization, the National Catholic Educational Association. Vickie gave some extraordinary presentations at our Annual Conventions and Regional meetings for Principals and Superintendents. She was most helpful to me when I was in charge of the Institute of InteruniversityCooperarive Research ( a consortium of 12 Catholic Universities doing collaborative research) and she was in charge of Communication and CTNA for the dioicese of Gaylord. We were both active members of Unda for a number of years. I appreciate all that you do for Vickie. Please give her my love and know that she is in my prayers every day. Many thanks , Fred Brigham

    • Judith Ferguson on September 21, 2016 at 3:14 pm
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    I am so glad you connected with Vicki – it was a God appointment, there’s no question in my mind about that.

    When I visited her on my way back to Canada (it seems so long ago now) that was the first time we met (we had no idea of the road that lay ahead then) we just hit it off and were so much on the same page. My frustration was that we lived SO far apart!

    And when I met you I absolutely had no idea what was on the road ahead. But I don’t believe in “coincidences”, just “Godincidences” and that was absolutely one of those. So much has happened since then and I had no idea of the health challenges that lay ahead for me which would prevent me from travelling back to the USA!

    When I start feeling sorry for myself I remember how God was responsible for all the good things that happened when I travelled to the States and for the fact that I was able to do all I did and still get safely back to northern Ontario.

    I am living alone in an apartment in North Bay and investing time in knitting wheelchair “lapghans” for Seniors’ residences (I’ll probably be living in one of them before too long, knitting on site LOL) The apartment I have is just one block from the Pro-Cathedral which has daily Mass – just happened there was an empty apartment when I needed one and that doesn’t happen often!

    I am so blessed in so many ways – my son and daughter-in-law and grandson live a few blocks away. If my health declines and I can’t live alone any more there is a seniors’ residence a few blocks away that I can move in to.

    Well, this ended up being an epistle! Hope and you and your family are all well. So glad we met through one of God’s “Divine appointments”. Blessings on all of you.


    1. Judy, God certainly has connected a diverse group of caring people – and I look forward to all being together, however that’s going to work, when we’re all Home at the end of our earthly journey. I’m grateful that we’re traveling together.


    • Marcia Sullivan on September 21, 2016 at 8:08 pm
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    Vicki is so lucky to have you in her corner!!
    Prayers for a successful surgery for Vicki!!!
    Happy to hear your eye surgeries went well!!!
    Love to Vicki!!!!

    1. Thank you, Marcia.

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