Old age, FTD or just plumb unlucky?

Well, I just cleaned out my silverware drawer and 2 shelves in my frig. An hour later, my stomach growling, and my body trembling from stooping, etc. As soon as sat down to rest I remembered that I had gone in there to make a sandwich. I grabbed a piece of cheese & some crackers I found while cleaning, cuz was too pooped to really ‘cook’ anything.

Daughter Beth, primary caregiver, makes sure I am invited to any family thing. This last weekend she moved to a new house to match her new single-mom status. I only babysat their tiny Maltese. In the 3 hrs I was there I managed to lose my cell phone, and the left lens of my glasses. “Don’t worry,” she said, “we’ll check everything in the morning, including outside.” Had our first big blizzard that night.

Thank God for have a local call landline, unless it stops working. Scratch all phones now.

Loaned my car to the kids. 2 almost flat tires, battery dead, and when you open the flip door at the back, the window falls out. (I have no idea about the last.) they fixed the first 2, and duct tape is still the best darned think next to sticky pads and Velcro.

Yesterday my friend comes to help me clean, and I get to nap on fresh sheets (no, not in a pile on the floor, on the bed like normal people!!). Just cuddled in and the 7 smoke alarms start – first 1 beep now and then – then constantly – for over 45 minutes. She turned off the clicky thing in the gray box, and we have peace. But no safety. “Did you say something?? I can’t hear you.” (laughing)

All in all, so far today just the dead phone. (knock on wood). Wait. Nope, can’t login to Facebook.

LOL, stuff happens. My friend, also in her 60’s says ‘wasn’t this supposed to be our golden age?’ to which my other friend replied, ‘didn’t you hear? they redid it the the leaden age’. I agree.

Papa, how about checking to see you have the right person & address, please? And, when I pray for my friends and I to have some luck for a change, I meant GOOD luck, and yes, I will buy a lotto ticket now and then. It may be my retirement plan.

It’s me, Papa, Vicki.

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