If you are what you eat, honey I am a mess…

Yes, it, too was cleaned out once not long ago (thanks, Andrea). I can see remnants of Christmas, New Years and maybe last Easter? No, I was with Beth at Easter. Hopefully, Andi won't see this...

If pictures say a 1000 words, then my kitchen is writing a tome! Dad was a procrastinator supreme, getting Mom’s things done just before the whistle blew. Mom was a reactor, a projectile missile launching repeatedly within an hour, let alone a day. And I am the worst of both, and more than a little crazy.

I’ve already told you of how hard it is for me to start something, and once started, to finish it. Cooking, teeth brushing, laundry, sleeping … doesn’t matter the subject, I suffer from ‘yellow light’ symptom. I just sit there, the one you honk at, pondering.

I believe I boasted on this blog that after a week of recovering from a great few days, I finally – in small bursts – got to the grocery store! 2 days later all groceries were in the house on the floor. Most of the refrigerated items made it to fridge. And then I rested.

Wednesday was garbage day, so I swooped up the garbage bags, delivered said trash to gracious neighbour (not that he wanted them for himself, mind you, but a kind gesture to walk it thru the building snowdrifts).

And then… I fully intended to put bags back in the trashcans. I did. Want to put liners in them. But then I needed something to eat, and made a fine ‘Deli-Creation’ dish, but couldn’t dispose of the wrappings. No bags. So I started a small space on the (then) clean counter, and quickly forgot what I was going to do, cuz the smoked turkey with cheddar and Dijon mustard lead me elsewhere.

Today, I walked into the kitchen and thought ‘what the hell has happened in here??!!’ And the startling answer was “Vicki”. HOW on God’s green earth was I able to mass produce chaos in 2 days, when it had sparkled??!!

So I took one trashcan into the living room and checked Facebook. And I thought, ‘I should write about this’…

But wait! I should take some photos to really give impact. But I couldn’t find the camera, so I retraced all my steps, nada. So, treating myself to more ice for the Coke I had indulged in after taking photos, I opened my freezer and guess what? ahhhh, you are just toooo smart ;o)

Love, Vicki

Ok, my kitchen would be great fun, like 'Where in World is the Cutting Board?' Clean pans from Super Bowl (front), items for dishwasher (2nd sink), and the tidy pile of trash awaiting a liner in the wastecan but ... (see next photo)

...I see I have overlooked some Christmas decorations (thanks, Mary), oh and putting the crockpot base away. Oh look! There's my birthday cake, awk! evidence of that Coke which led me to the ice and voila! I found my camera. Uh oh, pill bottle. Nope, I took them, I found that empty in my pocket. Kim is getting married and not pregnant. I really like the Today show ;o)

On the door is where I store batteries. Why? Because my Army dad said so. I'm thinking of putting one of those yellow and black 'caution' signs on the outside. Bread fell out and 4 D batteries right after I took this... and here is where the camera was stored as well.

It's not as bad as it might seem. Nothing is stinking and all the paper bags are empty. ;o) Oh, empty ... I could... oh, look Kim Kardeshian is on the Today show!

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