January 31

Tomorrow I must remember to say outloud “rabbit, rabbit” a family tradition that we are sure that, said first thing, will give us good luck all month. I surely hope so…

The weekend was wonderful, good friend a’visiting and watching Joshie in the Honors Band symphony, looking handsome and proud. I like the smaller version of the Whaley family because it holds so much potential now and I think Beth & her 3 sons will make such a healthy set.

Altho exhaused, visiting, having my mouse working (whoopee), watching great movies is always perfect.

I don’t know if others with FTD have speech abnormalities, but I find if I am trying to make a point with strong emotion or conviction, my mind clears out the clutter, slows down and I “…speak  …like  …this” –  slowly, with pauses. This is new over the last few months. And of course some days I can’t stop jabbering.

The last few days were interesting as I added new words ever unspoken to my vocabulary. The only one I now remember is, upon seeing a sparkling kitchen, I said out loud, ‘this is magicifically!” or something to that effect.

Perhaps I am finally remembering toddler Nick’s language he had with his invisible friend, Acusina. Wonder if I will soon be able to see him, too.

All for this day. Remember, anytime after midnight, and first words off your lips “Rabbit, rabbit”.

xo, Vicki

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  1. Vicki,
    Your remark about how your speech sometimes slows down with long pauses, reminds me of the “Bob and Ray” comedy routine on the radio about the “Slow Talkers of America.” A representative of this organization is being interviewed, and the reporter gets increasingly frustrated with the pauses! He starts filling in the gaps–correct at first, but then–hilariously wrong!

    The humor reminds us that we too often “listen with our answer running” to each other! We fill in the gaps, not waiting for the surprise finish to the sentence.

    You remind us all to wait, patiently, and enjoy the slow talk–no matter who we are!

    1. ;o) Thanks, Greg!! I needed that …

    • Jim Coyle on February 2, 2010 at 4:11 pm
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    I’m glad I read this post before I said anything February 1. “Rabbit, rabbit” were my first words out loud. A new tradition.

    1. Exactly!! Not only do we get a chance to have NY rez, or new ones on b’days, or Lent or Advent, but each month ~ I turn my Rabbit Rabbit into a prayer as well for those who do not know the Bedard family ritual. It will be a good month, James. ;o)

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